Get involved in real estate investing through our debit-free methods using our Equity Base Model!
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Real estate investment opportunities at various capital levels in the areas of single-family homes to multi-family residential buildings.
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Real estate training in vary basic to highly complex topics benefiting real estate investors and owners.
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We create an atmosphere, both physically and virtually, for various real estate stakeholders to meet, connect, and exchange value with one another.
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We assist real estate investors and developers in structuring real estate deals using our Equity Based Model.

Why The Equity Way?

  • No Bank Loans!
  • You do not have to go in debt.
  • Your credit score does not matter.
  • We don't care about your FICO credit score.
  • Minimum capital requirement as low as $1,000
  • Your work history is your business.
  • No background check is necessary.

It Is All About You?

You Got Capital
Of course, we want you to invest in our projects. Give us a call so that we can share our opportunities with you.
You Got Land
If you have land and don't have the capital to build or don't want to take out a loan, we may be able to assist you by packaging your land and raising capital for you to build. Get in contact with us by submitting our land owner form or calling us.
You're a Developer
Hey developer! Are the banks giving you the run-around? Come talk to us. We will listen. We may be able to collaborate with you and assist you with raising capital for your projects.
You're an Architect
Are you an architect with blueprints? Are you hoping to see your plans come to life? You can't wait to design someone's next dream home. Yet, you need money to make it come to life. Talk to us. Your blueprints, our proposal, someone's land and investors' capital are a formula for mutual success.
You're a Contractor
Are you a contractor having a hard time getting a construction loan? Is the issue of not having a high enough performance bond holding you back? Are you tired of building someone else's projects? Are you hoping to be a developer? Get in contact with us. We may be able to assist you in going to the next level.
You're a Real Estate Professional
Are you a real estate professional who is tired of waiting for someone else to give you a deal? Is it becoming harder to get that listing? Are the commissions becoming smaller? Are you starting to feel that technology is hurting more than helping you? Are online brokers cutting into your percentage? Take a stand now. Join our team! Together, we can create more and new opportunities.
You're a Non-USA Investor
Are you from another country wanting to invest in the U.S.? Are you in another country wanting to own American real estate? We can assist you in many ways. You can invest in our deals. We can find real estate to your specifications. We can assist you with the necessary paperwork. Get in contact with us and let us know how we can assist you being a part of the American Dream. Helping you to own your slice of the American pie.
You Got No Money & No Land
So, you have no money. You don't own any land. You are not a real estate professional. Yet, you are trying to figure out how to get started in the real estate industry. Yes, we have a place for you. If you are willing to network, introduce us to others, and present our packages, your sweat equity can earn you a percentage of the deal and/or a referral fee.

Our Process, What We Do.

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